“Our family member came in with an abundant amount of wounds. With the great help of Tosin the wound nurse, our loved one’s wounds healed within a year. The great care and attention to detail left my loved one completely wound free, anyone would lucky to be in the care of those at Sheridan village, I cannot say thank you enough.”
The W. Family


“This resident transferred to us, specifically for wound care. The wound care team made sure to see them every day, and with great patience and care, we able to transfer the resident back to her original facility completely healed.”
The M. Family


“An amputation left my loved one unsteady and unwilling to use his prosthesis. With the help of Restorative, and therapy they were able to properly educated and teach our loved one how to properly utilize their prosthesis, my loved one now walks around with a cane with full mobility. “
The V. Family